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SW Leading DPF Specialist

DPF Dr Offers A Complete Solution For Your Vehicle

  • Specialist DPF Diagnostics

  • Mobile DPF Cleaning

  • Remapping / Stage Tuning

  • DPF delete on your doorstep and still pass the emissions

  • A solution for every problem

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Immobilser Issues?
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Problems with your


Is your car running sluggish? Deep cleaning your DPF increases the performance and giving you upto 30% better fuel economy.


DPF Dr are experienced specialists in cleaning and restoring your vehicles DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Providing a convenient mobile cleaning service for all cars we offer a range of services to suit your vehicles needs.

Call us now for a swift response - at your home, work, or roadside. We'll soon get you back on the road.

Keeping You on the Road

Is your Engine management light on?  Is your vehicle in limp-mode?. These warning signs can indicate a DPF failure.


DPF Dr can analyse your entire system, diagnose the issue, clean your DPF without having to replace it, saving your hard earned cash.  A new DPF can cost in the region of £4000 pound and in some cases can exceed this figure.

Who We Are

We started our Mechanical service with one goal in mind—delivering outstanding repair services. From simple diagnostics to complex work, our team of professionals will review your vehicle in order to pinpoint problems and get you safely back on the road. We guarantee transparency throughout the process and provide top-quality work at a fair price.


Get in Touch

Our phone lines are open 24hrs 7 days a week  07846 160204

To get in touch fill in the contact form with a brief description of what your problem is and one of our engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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